What country is the specialists from ?

Cyber attacks have been around as far back as the online world itself. Most nations have fallen victims to the traditional style of cyber attacks originating from other nations and with the rate of information growing exponentially in value and in volume, cyber risks have started to pose serious dangers to governments, economics and businesses around the planet. It is simple continue growth in cyber attacks could outcome in man-made disasters around the planet.

What are the key countries of these cyber attacks?

Most attacks are hatched by unidentified hackers working individually or groups. The list below identifies the nations in which some of the largest attacks were sourced from.


China continues to wage forward in cyber attacks, stealing valuable property in the process despite political pressures by the US government. Also, China cyber espionage campaigns emerge to be more streamlined. The objective of these attacks is to mostly hack the networks of US government and its allies. As per research, 27.25 percent of cyber attacks are initiated by China. And according to many estimates, forty-one percent of worlds cyber attacks trace their genesis back to China.


Brazil has the highest cyber attack traffic not just in South-America but the full southern hemisphere. About, 8.60 percent of cyber attacks are initiated by Brazilians. The reason behind the rising numbers of cyber criminals in Brazil is the cashless nature of its economy.

The huge number of hackers is caused by bad economic situations in the country. A huge percentage of the population of Brazil uses electronic and internet payment systems, which makes them more suitable for hacker attacks.


In the international cyber attack traffic, Turkey has a share of 4.8 percent as per estimates, 10.24 percent cyber attacks are carried out by Turkish hackers. Also, they have increased their activities in the last decade or so.

One of the most popular hackers teams from Turkey is the "Ayyldiz Team" which was founded in 2002. The group became popular for hacking the website of the United States department of Defense. In December 2015, they hacked the site of another hacker group anonymous.

United States

The America holds ten percent of the worlds cyberattack traffic. One of the hacker groups based in the America is anonymous. In June 2019, President Trump ordered a cyberattack against Iranian weapons systems. Also, the Iranian Nuclear power plant was attacked with Trojan to damage the centrifuges.


Nearly 4.3 percent of all the international attack traffic is generated from Russia. The last years DNC hack has located Russia on top list. Russian hackers are popular worldwide and have a knack for cracking the most safe of networks. A total of 5.14 percent of cyber attacks are initiated by the Russians.


The final one on the list of nations with the largest number of hackers is Romania. It takes 3.3 percent share in the international cyberattacks. Romania even has a city known as Ramnicu Valcea, a Hackerville, a town with a lot of different organized hackers group, which forms most of the cyberattacks in the country.