Hacking training and earnings

From the very beginning of our service, we have a lot of people who want to learn how to hack,
turn to us for help and other technical questions. Now we have created a full-fledged hacking
training product !

With this course, you can:

- earn from $ 1000 a month;
- learn the basics of information security;
- we will teach you how to hack social networks (including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram);
- you can get access to 50% of all mail servers;
- get a knowledge base for your further development;

Each student will be able to earn money equal to its cost by the end of the course;

Our training course was created in order to get a lot of partners for our service. To each student
an individual campaign will be developed for training in hacking.
The training is conducted in several stages:

1) Preparatory;
2) General;
3) Individual;

Skills required to become a hacker:
To be a hacker, you need to constantly learn new information, quickly understand it.
Second, you need to have a good understanding of one programming language or script,
as well as know the basics of network and web security.

So, here are a few steps that can help:
- Learning how to write code;
- Understanding the basic concepts related to the operating system;
- Learning the basics of networking and security;
- Work with as many different techniques as possible;

This list is the first part of our training.
After reading the material, you will have a personal work with our specialist.
The cost of training is 1000$ and payment is made in 3 stages.
For all the details and getting the first part of the training, please contact our Manager.

The number of places for training is always limited. Training groups have been created.
The training lasts for 3 weeks.

E-mail: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +44 7311 558163 (link)
Site: private-service.best

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