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Please read this article carefully! There are answers to many of your questions here!

This article will be useful for anyone interested in the services of our service. Here is a description of the questions that each client asks.
We want to warn all readers that there are no universal programs for hacking WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks. 

How does the hacking and other hacking services of our service take place?

Any hack consists of a sequence of complex actions:
1. Cooperation with GSM telecom operators;
2. Ability to access a person's phone (force to follow a link, send a virus file and other methods);
3. Create copies of the required applications on the remote desktop;
4. Set up a copy of the application on the remote desktop;
5. Transfer to the client all data in the correct form (without errors and confidentiality);

Each application update on the victim's device crashes the hacked copy, so after each application update, you need to update the settings of the hacked copy (this is paid).
We give a guarantee for hacking the application for 1 month, but usually they work up to 3 months (until the next update).

Basic rules for using a hacked account:

1. You get access to all hacked applications in read-only mode (you will not be able to reply to messages).
The user will never suspect that you are reading his correspondence, even if you read the message first.
2. You can enter the hacked messenger only from one device (from one ip address);
3. If you have any technical problem, write to the manager.


How do you get a hacked application?

1. You get access to a remote desktop with one or more hacked applications installed (depending on your order);
2. Access is possible using the VirtualBox program (from your computer) or by following the link;
3. In case of complete phone hacking, you also get remote desktop access with a phone system emulator. The emulator contains all applications, notes, messages, call list and media gallery of this phone;


How long does the job take?

Our specialists do this work every day, they have extensive experience:
- WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook 6-8 hours ;
- Other applications within 3-8 hours;
- Determining the location of a person by phone - 5 minutes;

* Sometimes there are delays of 1-2 hours for technical reasons!
In this case, please restrain your calm, you will be given bonuses!

Please read this article carefully! There are answers to many of your questions here!

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