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<p><b>detective services</b></p>

detective services

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remote control

<p><b>tracking and location</b></p>

tracking and location

About us

We are a team of professional IT specialists. Many of us used to be hackers. We work with confidential information and complex tasks. We will assist in identifying infidelity, finding people, business assistance, working with confidential information. Our specialists will gain access to 80% of social networks. If task is hard, it’s more interesting for us.
Our most popular services: Control services, WhatsApp Check, Facebook Check, Check sites and servers, Checking the husband/wife for honesty.

We have been working for more than two years and can provide a huge number of positive reviews.

Be sure to check out all of our services. If your task is not listed, then write to our manager.

Attention! Cooperating with "Privat Service" you get a guarantee of quality work. Our customers work with us constantly.

For us to start our work you need to write to us. How quickly we can help you will depend on the region, the mobile operator and other points. We approach each order responsibly.

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Service list

Detective services:

Check for cheating;

 Collection of information;

 Debtors search;

 Eliminating Business Competitors;

 Compromising evidence;

Control services:

Control WhatsApp;

Control Facebook;

Control Snapchat;

Control Instagram;

Control Tik-Tok;

Control E-mail;

Control sites and YouTube channels;


 Search for a lost phone;

 Location of a person;

 Human tracking;

 Observation of adolescents;

Why we recommend you our service ?


We have huge experience in the investigation of such problems: we work quietly and harmoniously.

Technical support

We will solve any technical problem. We give advice and the necessary software.


In personal matters, efficiency is needed. We value your time and work as quickly as possible.


No one will ever know that you ordered our services. You don’t need to leave your personal information.

Free consultation

Before starting cooperation, we give a free consultation on your problem.


You will be given a discount on our other services. Our goal is continuous cooperation.

If you have a question, then fill out the feedback form. Our manager will contact you.


You can see how hacking occurs in our network.


The demo doesn't exist. This is physically impossible. The first login to your account to provide evidence of hacking, we get after a number of works.

You can access our monitoring panel using web browser of any device. You can use your phone, tablet or computer to do so. No installation is required at your end.

If you are not satisfied with the provided service, you can contact us within 3 days of the service provided and we will fully refund you. Normally it takes 3 to 5 business days to process the refund.

Yes, we maintain strict confidentiality. Moreover, you have the right not to provide us with your personal information.

We do not start work without an advance payment or payment. A test demonstration of services is not provided if you are not our client.

In 100% of cases, we do our job or make a refund. By placing an order with us, you save yourself from being deceived.

We can provide a large number of reviews about our service. We will return the money if we do not complete the work.

Once you contact us, our representative will request some basic information about the target and lastly you will have to make the payment for us to get started.

Each service has its own lead time. Average lead time is 24 hours. Check with the manager.

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